Kat Morgan : Health

Anytime, anywhere.

No time to work out and nothing to use?

Try this high intensity, fat DESTROYING, 20min workout, anywhere, anytime…

30 secs jog on spot

30 secs mountain climbers

30 secs high knee runs

30 secs plank knee tuck

1 min jog on spot

1 min full range jumps

1 min wide squats

1 min press ups

1 min static lunges (30 secs each side)

1 min shadow box punches (jab cross)

1 min single legged dead lifts (30 secs each side)

1 min lateral ski hop (floor touch)

1 min burpees

30 secs squat jumps

30 secs tuck jumps

1 min plank with alternating arm row

1 min walking lunges

1 min high knee runs

1 min long jumps

1 min plank

30 secs plyo (jump) lunges

30 secs mountain climbers

1 min single legged hops (30 secs each side)

1 min jack knives


Kat Morgan – 11/06/15


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